Conversation With Mother About Coronavirus Enters 50th Minute

Sydney’s Gary Teele has been held up on the phone with his mother for almost an hour talking about Covid-19.

“Did you see how many new cases there are today?” asked his mother. “it’s just shocking.”

“Yes mum, I’ve actually already chatted about this with four other people so far today.”

Mr Teele says he tried changing the subject a few times, without success.

“She always brings it back to covid,” says Gary Teele. “She’s in isolation and she’s incredibly bored and lonely.”

It’s understood Mr Teele has been having long, drawn out COVID-19 related conversations with his mother every day for the past twelve months.

“I’m not sure how long this is going to go on for,” he told DBT. “I really want to be able to start talking about other things at some point soon.”

Today they began talking about the new lockdown measures introduced for Great Sydney, before moving on to economic impacts.

“Yeah I know it sucks mum, but don’t worry we’ll get through this.”

At print time Gary Teele was still on the phone with his mother.

More to come.