Colleagues in same colour blazers use the ‘coincidence’ as flimsy excuse to post a selfie

TWINNING: A pair of Sydney office workers are once again digging deep for reasons to post photos of themselves to Instagram.

The colleagues both wore red blazers to work, claiming it was a coincidence.

“Suddenly they got up from their desks and began posing for photos,” one witness told DBT. “Even if it was a coincidence, it’s still very fucking cringe.”

Both women posted the same image to their Instagram, tagging each other, and using the same caption: ‘#DreamTeam.’

However further investigation has revealed they don’t even work in the same department.

“One works in marketing and the other works in finance,” says one source. “They literally have nothing to do with each other.”

DBT approached both women for comment, without any response.

Both photos remain on Instagram with only 3 likes between them in the two hours since posting.

More to come.