Supermarket giant Coles has announced a dramatic reduction in its Asian food sections in response to deepening fears about Coronavirus.

“Over the last decade the amount of Asian food products we stock has been steadily increasing,” says Coles CEO Joel Wright. “Unfortunately it’s now time to reverse the trend.”

As scientists attempt to gain a better understanding of how dangerous Coronavirus is – or how it spreads – Coles says it’s taking no chances.

“We’re cutting the number of Asian soups, sauces and snacks in stores around the country,” says Joel Wright.

“In fact, we’ve already seen a dramatic drop off in demand for those items.”

The deadly pneumonia-like virus started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and has so far claimed more than 250 lives.

Coles says it needs to do everything it can to prevent the virus spreading in Australia.

“All Asian made 2 minute noodle products will be taken off shop shelves,” says Joel Wright. “But our Maggi 2 minute noodles will remain.”

Retail analysts say Woolworths is expected to follow suit.

More to come.