Coles Releases Toilet Paper ‘Stockpile Special’ As Coronavirus Panic Buying Escalates

Retail giant Coles is moving quickly to cater to increased panic buying among consumers, as coronavirus fears spread.

Across the country supermarket shelves are being stripped bare, as Australians start stocking up on essentials such as toilet paper.

“Demand for toilet paper is at record highs,” says Coles CEO Grahame Larson. “That’s why we are offering consumers the chance to buy in bulk at discount prices.”

The supermarket is offering a ‘Stockpile special’ of 144 rolls of Coles Home Brand toilet paper for $58.

“These 144 packs are selling quickly, it’s a great deal,” says Larson. “Get in quick before a coronavirus pandemic is officially declared, and supplies completely run out.”

It comes despite experts warning Australians not to start panic buying.

“The whole stockpiling thing is ridiculous,” says infectious disease expert Alan little. “We’re not even close to that level of concern. Everyone needs to relax.”

It’s understood Coles is now also planning to extend its ‘Stockpile special’ to include canned fruit and pet food.