Coles customers will be subject to tough new restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19.

The supermarket giant has announced a new 3 per person limit on the number of avocados each shopper can squeeze before selecting one for purchase.

“So for example if you’re shopping with one other person, you can squeeze 6 avocados between you,” says Coles’ spokesperson Martine Phillips.

Coles says its customers have been spending too long selecting avocados – and touching too many in the process – potentially passing on dangerous germs.

“We understand not all our avocados are high quality or perfectly ripe, but please exercise discipline when selecting one,” says Martine Phillips. “We’re all in this together.”

Security will be on hand at avocado stands in Coles supermarkets around the country from Thursday morning.

“Anyone who touches more than 3 avocados will be escorted from the supermarket by security,” says Phillips.

Woolworths is expected to follow suit.

More to come.