Coconut Water Supplies Run Dry At Bondi Supermarkets As Coronavirus Panic Buying Begins

If you’re thinking about buying coconut water in Bondi, think again.

Supermarkets and convenience stores in the popular suburb are completely out of coconut water, as locals worried about Coronavirus begin stockpiling food and other essentials.

“Coconut water is the most sought after grocery item in Bondi and surrounds,” says Woolworths’ distribution manager Henrik Tassle. “We’re moving fast to get more stock in.”

But local residents are moving even faster, snapping up all fresh supplies, leaving shop shelves completely bare.

“I did an emergency coconut water run to Double Bay Woolworths yesterday,” says Bondi local Heather Beale. “But they are also running low.”

It’s understood some panicked Bondi locals have traveled as far as Glebe in Sydney’s inner west to secure coconut water supplies.

“Coconut water is an important superfood,” says Heather Beale. “I need to make sure I have enough for myself and my family in case I get sick and cant go out shopping.”

23 Australians have so far been diagnosed with Coronavirus, with the virus claiming 2810 lives globally.

As Australia prepares the pandemic, Woolworths Metro Bondi Beach is also reportedly running dangerously low in tumeric and avocado.

But it’s understood there are currently no shortages in other essentials – like regular water, milk and bread.

More to come.