‘Cocaine Cassie’ To Replace Outgoing Schapelle Corby On SAS Australia

Channel 7’s intense new reality TV offering SAS Australia will have another convicted drug smuggler in its ranks.

Cassandra Sainsbury – also known as Cocaine Cassie – is stepping up as a surprise replacement for Schapelle Corby, who quit the show yesterday.

“Schapelle was already proving to be ratings gold,” says Seven Network’s Head of Reality TV Steve Tale. “But we’re confident Cocaine Cassie will have the same lure.”

The network’s lawyers have somehow managed to overcome Australia’s strict proceeds of crime laws, which prevent criminals profiting from their convictions.

“As long as they don’t mention anything about their crimes, it should be sweet,” says Seven’s Steve Tale. “Drug mules make great TV.”

Cocaine Cassie told DBT she’s ready for the challenge.

“It can’t be much harder than being locked up in a Colombian prison for three years,” she says. “It’s pretty cool. I can be a convicted criminal and then end up being a TV star!”

SAS Australia is showing Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Seven.