Closure Of Beauty Services Finally Forces Bondi Influencer Into Complete Lockdown

A Sydney influencer is feeling the first hand impact of coronavirus, after the PM last night announced the forced closure of all beauty salons.

“That means no more botox procedures,” says Bondi’s Elle Bracken. “It also means no more professional tanning or waxing. “In a few days I’ll be starting to look like crap.”

The 34 year old has vowed to stay home at all times amid the beauty salon shutdown.

“There’s no way I’m going out, I’m literally in lock down. I’m also going to stop posting photos of myself on social media,” she says.

It comes just days after she joined thousands of others flouting social distance rules at Bondi Beach.

“Yeah I’ve been going out a bit, a few Tinder dates,” she says. “But life is about to change. Shit is getting real now.”

She says she’s also grappling with the cancellation of her yoga and spin classes.

“This coronavirus thing is starting to have a massive impact on my wellbeing,” she says.