Nathan Cleary Back On TikTok After Easing Of Social Distancing Rules

Panthers star Nathan Cleary has invited two friends to his Penrith home to make more TikTok videos.

Two videos of the group dancing were posted at 3.30pm and 3.41pm yesterday, after new social distancing rules kicked in last week, allowing two adults to visit another household.

“We’ve done nothing wrong ey,” says Cleary. “The three of us had good fun and it was totally legit and above board.”

It comes after Cleary landed in hot water last month when images and TikTok videos of him partying with a group of young females emerged during the COVID lockdown.

He was fined and banned for two games for allegedly misleading the integrity unit, stating “untruthful” evidence about the matter.

“Those rules don’t apply anymore, so we got back on TikTok!” he told DBT. But, dont worry, i didn’t hook up with any of the girls. We all stayed 1.5 metres apart at all times.”