China Calls For Independent Investigation Into Jetstar Health Screening Bungle

China has made a submission to the World Health Organisation, calling for an independent investigation into Jetstar’s Covid-19 screening bungle.

A planeload of passengers from Melbourne was allowed to disembark at Sydney Airport on Tuesday night without undergoing health screening for coronavirus.

“We need answers immediately,” says China’s President Xi Jinping, through an interpreter. “Australia’s health and safety standards need an urgent and dramatic review.”

Xi Jinping is also criticising NSW Health’s handling of the Ruby Princess debacle, as well as the use of private security guards to manage hotel quarantines in Victoria.

“What the fuck is wrong with Australia?” says Xi Jinping.“We want an independent team of experts to find out exactly what has happened on each of these occasions.”

The World Health Organisation says it supports China’s request, and is currently gauging interest from the European Union.

But Australia’s Prime Minister says China is just retaliating over Australia’s request for an investigation into what caused Coronavirus in the first place.