China Announces 80% Tariff On All Australian Imports, Except Bats, Snakes & Frogs

China has widened its Australian trade boycott, today announcing an 80% tariff on all Australian imports.

From next Tuesday, Beijing says the tariff will be applied to Australian iron ore, coal, beef, goats, sheep, dairy and wine. The tariff has already been applied to Australian barley.

But local bat, snake and frog exporters have been spared.

“We don’t have any technical issues with how bats, snakes or frogs are imported from Australia,” says China’s President Xi Jinping. “They can continue as normal.”

New South Wales snake and frog breeder Lyle McGiven is expressing relief.

“Luckily for us, our Chinese orders wont be effected at all,” he says. “In fact, orders from China recently have remained strong, even with Coronavirus.”

Australia’s trade minister Simon Birmingham acknowledges the tariffs and bans on other exports will hurt Australia/China relations.

“It will also have a negative impact on many local industries,” admits Birmingham. “But at least our bat, snake and frog exports will continue to thrive.”