One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has agreed to take Katie Hopkins’ spot on Celebrity Big Brother, it’s been confirmed.

“We’re relieved and excited Pauline has accepted our offer,” says Seven programming executive Mike Hanley.

“We need another far-right, racist type to ensure we can appeal to as many Australian viewers as possible.”

Controversial British media personality Katie Hopkins will be booted from Australia “imminently” after she boasted about flouting the rules inside hotel quarantine.

She is also known for her Islamophobic, anti-immigration views, including describing migrants as “cockroaches”.

“Pauline Hanson will be the absolute perfect replacement,” says Mike Hanley. “It’ll be like Katie Hopkins never left.”

The One Nation leader – who appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2004 – says she’s looking forward to getting into the Big Brother house.

“Ever since the Today show banned me from appearing, I haven’t had any decent platform to spread my xenophobic views,” she says.

“Thank you Katie Hopkins and thank you Big Brother.”