Canberra Residents Coping Easily With Lockdown, As Boredom Levels Remain Unchanged

After their first full day of lockdown, ACT residents say they’re coping relatively well.

Manuka’s Chris Williams says the transition has been simple.

“I’ve actually been able to pivot easily into lockdown mode, without noticing any real difference to my regular life.”

The 29 year old says Canberra’s limited lifestyle options means all he ever does is stay home and watch TV or surf the internet.

“A decade or so ago I used to go to Fyshwick to buy porn, but now with the internet I don’t even have to do that.”

And he’s not alone. Another Canberra local told DBT her life also remains unchanged.

“I can still go and do all my essential shopping and ride my bike around Lake Burley Griffin,” says Irene Herdon. “But that’s pretty much all I ever do anyway.”

The ACT’s lockdown is expected to end next Thursday.