Calls For Novak Djokovic To Be Kept In Hotel Quarantine On A Permanent Basis

There are growing calls today for world number 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic to remain in lockdown on a permanent basis.

It comes as 72 players remain in hotel quarantine after they flew into Melbourne for the Australian Open with 5 people who have tested positive to Covid-19.

“Please just throw away the key to Djokovic’s hotel room,” said one Aussie fan. “The bloke is an absolute menace.”

The 33 year old tennis star has issued a list of demands to help players in strict quarantine, including moving them to private homes with tennis courts.

He also wants better quality food and a reduced time in lockdown.

But he’s receiving little sympathy after he attracted global headlines at the height of the pandemic when video showed him partying shirtless in a nightclub.

“He got coronavirus then, and there’s a fair chance he’s got it now I reckon,” said another Aussie tennis fan.

“Either way he should stop complaining. He’s getting huge money to come here when so many Australians remain stranded overseas.”

“I’m just sick and tired of the cu*t. Please just keep him locked up. Maybe Nick Kyrgios can keep him company.”

More to come.