A new report has confirmed a rapid and worrying expansion in the number of people offering ‘business coaching’ services.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics analysed Sydney census data to find the number of business coaches now outnumbering business owners.

“Data shows 84,978 Sydney-siders listing their primary occupation as ‘business coach,’ compared to 84,235 ‘business owner,'” says the ABS’s Simon Tyson.

Labour market experts say the influx of business coaches comes as increasing numbers of failed start up entrepreneurs decide they’ve got what it takes to offer business advice.

“The reality is that if they were really that good at coaching business, they probably still be running a business,” says HR expert Linley Fry.

It’s understood the issue is being perpetuated by social media sites such as LinkedIn which allow users to write whatever they want as their ‘job description.’

“There’s also been huge growth in the number of mentors, enablers and disrupters,” says Ms Fry.

“Attend any business networking event and you’ll see them there. They’ll be the ones sprouting generic business advice while wearing a blazer with a t-shirt.”