‘Business Coach’ Takes Short Break From Filming Selfie Videos To Actually Do Some Work

A self-described business coach, motivational speaker, influencer and thought leader is taking a short break from producing selfie videos on his mobile phone.

“I’ve got an actual client!” exclaims Rodd Kidd. “Well, I’ve got a potential actual client.”

The 37 year old claims that he has a meeting early tomorrow in the city for around one hour.

“But don’t worry, when I get back about 2 hours later, you’ll all be able to see my mug again on my regular selfie videos.”

Rodd Kidd doesn’t have any actual qualifications in either coaching or business, but he’s known for his regular, long winded selfie videos in which he shares generic advice on business success.

“It’s a personal branding thing,” he says. “Soon I’ll get actual clients. I just have to keep making selfie videos saying how good I am.”