#BREAKING: Woman Casually Holding Bag Of Poo Like It’s No Big Deal

Park goers are this evening watching on in horror, as a dog owner casually holds a bag full of dog shit.
“I’m feeling uncomfortable with how long she’s been holding it for,” says one witness. “She’s been waving it around like a handbag for at least 15 minutes.”
Others in the park say they’re curious as to why she doesn’t just throw it out.
“I’m pretty sure I could smell it,” says another woman. “She came up to try to talk to me, but I pretended my dog was dragging me away in a different direction.”
A DBT reporter caught up with the woman holding the bag, dog owner Susan Grace-Lilley, who says dog poo is nothing to be ashamed of.
“It’s not like it’s human poo,” she said.

This is an unfolding news story. DBT will keep you updated with any developments as they come to hand.