#BREAKING: Premier Announces Lockdown Is Now Optional In Bondi On Weekend Days Above 25 Degrees

LOCKDOWN LIGHT: The NSW Premier has announced another easing of covid restrictions, making lockdowns optional in Bondi on weekends when the weather is warm and sunny.

“Can I just say, we’re constantly striving to find the right balance in our public health orders,” says Gladys Berejiklian.

“If you’d like to continue your lockdown, that’s great. But if you want to galavant around Bondi all day today with all your friends, that is totally fine too.”

The new laws took effect from midday today, but they only apply on weekend days when the temperature is above 25 degrees.

“And the new provisions are only for people living within 5km’s of Bondi Beach,” says the Premier. “In all other parts of NSW the strict public health orders are still firmly in place.”

“What a fu*king joke!” said one man visiting Bondi from Penrith today. “I just got fined $5k but all these cashed up eastern suburbs yuppies can roam freely.”

The weather is expected to be cold and rainy for most of next week, meaning the lockdown will be once again mandatory for all NSW residents.