The NSW Premier has issued a stern warning to the state’s firefighters.

“Please be cautious with your water usage,” says Gladys Berejiklian. “Ensure hose water is used efficiently and don’t leave any hoses unattended.”

Level one water restrictions were introduced in June to protect Sydney’s water supply from drought conditions.

“Let’s not forget about our farmers who are doing it tough,” says the Premier. “We’ve seen some of the lowest in flows to dams since the 1940’s.”

It comes as 1,500 firefighters battle several blazes in the state’s north, which have so far killed three people.

“We need to take a broad view of our water consumption, even during times of severe fire danger,” says the Premier. “Please save water where you can.”

Critics have lashed out at the Premier’s comments, likening them to her stance on pill testing and Sydney’s lock out laws.

“Her priorities are completely out of whack,” says Mark Glasson of the NSW Rural Fire Service. “She has got no fucking idea what she’s on about.”

More to come.

(DBT is a satire news publication)