#BREAKING: Man In Singles Bubble For Ten Days, Still Not Getting Any Action

HIGH AND DRY: Tensions are high between a Sydney man and his female singles bubble buddy.

For the last 10 days, Mark Wilbur and Jessica French have been in an exclusive singles bubble as per public health rules, however there still hasn’t been any intimacy.

“What’s the point of all this?,” Mark Wilbur told DBT. “I was under the impression that entering into this singles bubble basically meant guaranteed sex.”

“But I haven’t even had a kiss. I don’t understand what the point of all this is.”

Yesterday the couple sat down for talks on the matter, where Jessica French told him she always wanted their singles bubble to be purely platonic.

“I’m really sorry if you got the wrong impression,” she told him. “I was literally just after companionship.”

DBT understands Mark Wilbur is now in talks to find himself a new bubble buddy.

More to come.