FLYING BLIND: A DBT photographer has captured the dramatic moment a Sydney man dropped his mobile phone into the pool at Ivy

Max Gregson says he took his phone with him into the pool to keep an eye on crypto prices.
He then used his device to show a woman nearby his crypto portfolio.
“That’s when the phone slipped out of my hands,” says Gregson. “I tried to re-gather it mid-air without joy and the phone sunk to the bottom.”
Witnesses say the woman started laughing and swum away as Gregson began a failed attempt to revive his phone.
“How am I meant to check how my portfolio is tracking?” he asked friends. “I’m off chops and completely paranoid about it!”
Friends of the 31 year old say he asked them if he could use their phones to check his crypto prices and they all refused, calling him: “butter fingers.”
The Bondi resident left Ivy a short time to go home and check his portfolio on his laptop, before ordering a new iPhone.