HIGH ON LIFE: A Sydney man is today making the bold claim that he’s having “an awesome time” at a local music festival, despite not consuming any illicit drugs or alcohol.

“Dancing is a bit harder than normal because it feels like I have lead in my shoes,” Mark Tompkins admitted to DBT at the drug free party. “But on the whole it’s still pretty fun.”

The 33 year old is desperately trying to salvage his New Year’s resolution to quit all drugs.

“January, February and March were a write-off unfortunately,” he says. “But I still haven’t given up hope.”

Today’s festival, taking place in Sydney’s north west, boasts yoga sessions, permaculture workshops and motivational talks.

“Yeah, I’m having a decent time, but either way, I think i’ll head home soon.”

But friends of Mark Tompkins who weren’t at the festival are questioning his motives.

“Not only is he not taking any drugs, but he’s also there with his girlfriend. There’s literally no point whatsoever in him being there,” they say.

Tomkins has so far been at the festival for two hours and has just received word from his girlfriend that she’d like to stay much longer.

DBT understands Tomkins has gone to the portaloo where he discreetly dumped a pinger so that he could survive the rest of the party.