WRIST WARRIOR: After a ten year partying hiatus, local man Michael Labroy is back on Sydney’s social scene.
And this time he’s not mucking around.
The 35 year old recent divorcee turned up to The Island a short time ago with a wrist full of bangles and bracelets.
“The last decade has taught me a lot about life and people,” he told DBT. “I’ve changed a lot and I think my new wrist jewellery helps give me a fresh perspective.”
He also believes the bangles could potentially help him meet a new partner.
“Yeah I think they look pretty cool,” he says. “Plus hopefully they’ll show people that I’m not afraid of showing off my feminine side.”
Michael Labroy has spent the first hour at the party walking around trying to talk to potential suitors, without much luck.
However DBT can report that he has just started talking to another bloke about his bangles.
More to come.