#BREAKING: Israel Folau Adds GoFundMe To List Of Sinners In Controversial New Instagram Post

Former rugby star Israel Folau has once again caused controversy after taking to Instagram.

At 10.30am today he re-posted his list of sinners for whom “hell awaits,” but this time he included GoFundMe, the crowdfunding platform which removed his page yesterday.

“Drunks, homosexuals and anyone working at GoFundMe are among those living in sin,” Folau told Double Bay Today. “They will all end up in hell unless they repent.”

GoFundMe yesterday shutdown the 30 year old’s appeal for financial assistance in his legal case against Rugby Australia.

“If you work for GoFundMe, don’t worry, Jesus Christ loves you,” says Folau. “But you need to turn away from your sin and come to him.”

Folau says he’s urging all GoFundMe employees to quit their jobs immediately.

GoFundMe management are yet to comment.

More to come.