The Australian entertainment industry is celebrating today after it was revealed that comedians Hughesy and Judith Lucy are biological brother and sister.

“I’m so excited,” says Hughesy. “I’ve always admired Judith’s brand of comedy, and now I know why!”

The news comes after Hughesy took a DNA test with showing that the two Australian comedians share the same mother and father.

“This is an amazing discovery,” says Judith Lucy. “I’m relieved to find out who my real parents are, and excited to be so closely related to a comedy legend.”

Entertainment industry insiders say they’re not overly surprised with the findings.

“They obviously look and sound very similar,” says Channel Nine’s entertainment editor Richard Wilkins. “But they also share that same irreverent sense of humour.”

Hughesy, whose just finished his latest role as a judge on The Masked Singer – says he’s looking forward to sharing the stage with his sister.

“We’re already planning a show,” he says. “We’re going to be a bit like the Umbilical Brothers, but with a twist.”