COSTLY EVACUATION: A Sydney man has been fined $1000 for leaving his flooded home while covid positive.

Yesterday Graham Flaherty evacuated his house in Sydney’s north, as flood waters continued to rise.

“I was trying to get my valuables out, but unfortunately police were there waiting for me.”

The 41 year old says he was mindful of having covid while evacuating, and even wore a face mask.

“I don’t even have any covid symptoms,” Mr Flaherty told DBT.

But police ordered him back inside his house in line with current public health orders requiring anyone with covid to isolate at home for 7 days.

The NSW health minister Brad Hazzard has acknowledged the difficult situation faced by Mr Flaherty yesterday, but says the fine still stands.

“Rules are rules,” says Mr Hazzard. “We’re all in this together.”