#Breaking: Coroner Confirms Bob Hawke Wasn’t Stabbed In The Back By Bill Shorten

A Sydney coroner has confirmed that former Prime Minister Bob Hawke died of natural causes.

The coronial report was this morning shared by police at a press conference.

“The coroner has examined the body and can conclude there were no suspicious circumstances around the death,” says Senior Constable Charles Hambley.

Police say the coronial report was ordered by other former Labor Prime Minister’s Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

Mr Rudd had alleged Bill Shorten may have stabbed Bob Hawke in the back in a bid to lift Labor Party nostalgia in the days before the federal election.

“You never know what Bill Shorten is capable of,” says Kevin Rudd. “We were thinking the worst and are relieved our suspicions have been proven false.”

Bob Hawke was 89.