Former Labor Party leader Bill Shorten is attempting to re-write history today, calling for an immediate recount of votes in the 2019 Australian federal election.

Shorten lost that election to Scott Morrison, with the coalition claiming a two-seat majority, with 77 seats, while Shorten’s Labor finished with 68 seats.

“That election was fraudulent,” says Shorten. “We didn’t have meaningful access to several counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process.”

Shorten admits his calls for a recount of the 2019 election have been inspired by Donald Trump’s calls today for a recount in the US Presidential election.

“Election fraud is most common in developing countries, but it’s becoming increasingly widespread in countries like America and Australia,” claims Shorten.

If his demands for a recount are successful – and the recount proves inaccuracies – Australia’s current Prime Minister Scott Morrison may be forced to stand down.

“Deep down I’ve always known I am the rightful winner of the 2019 election,” says Shorten. “I’m ready to serve as Australia’s next Prime Minister.”

Scott Morrison was not available for comment.