Bondi Woman Now Only Wearing Face Mask When She Leaves The Eastern Suburbs

After a short spell wearing a face mask at the height of lockdown, Amber Doakes stopped wearing a mask almost 4 weeks ago.
But today the 27 year old wore one to Westmead in Sydney’s west.
“I didn’t have a choice,” she says. “I actually had to go and visit a friend in hospital there. I also stopped briefly for a coffee somewhere scary.”
It understood Ms Doakes hasn’t left the eastern suburbs in more than five months.
“I hardly ever leave the east,” admits the Bondi woman. “I definitely wasn’t going to leave during iso.”
Her decision to wear a face mask to Westmead today comes despite no evidence of increased coronavirus levels in the western suburbs.
In fact, infectious disease experts say the Sydney suburb with the highest infection rate was Bondi.
“Yeah look, I don’t know anyone who got Corona to be honest,” says Amber Doakes. “But I feel like heading out west is just asking for trouble.”