FULL FLEX: A local fitness influencer and personal trainer has admitted to only doing chin ups when lots of people are there to witness it.

“There are other exercises I can do which don’t need a crowd, but when I do my 10 chin ups, I always make sure there a plenty of onlookers,” says Mark Darby.

DBT joined the 29 year old for his daily work out at Bondi Beach outdoor gym this afternoon.

“The weather has been great lately, so there are lots of people around, especially after lockdown,” he says.

Then – just as a few more people gathered around the gym area – he quickly launched into his chin ups.

“Timing is everything,” he said, while in full flex mode as he completed his 10th chin up.

“Saturday morning is peak time, but often I also come here mid week for the afternoon rush.”

And DBT can reveal Mark Darby also has an expensive gym membership.

“Yeah I’m a member at Fitness First which has state of the art equipment and is 100m from my home in Potts Point,” he says.

“But I much prefer to drive here to do my chin ups on a steel bar wedged between two wooden poles. It’s just a much better atmosphere.”