Bondi man waiting for gap in conversation, so he can start talking about ice baths again

FROSTY RECEPTION: A Sydney man has frustrated his friends again today by spending the majority of lunch trying to talk about ice baths.

Over the past few months Charlie Franks has become well-known for his icy obsession.

He often sends articles to friends about the health benefits of cold immersion therapy and posts regular Instagram selfies of his shivering exploits.

“Guys, seriously, you need to try it,” he said. “It’s changed my life in terms of reduced inflammation, improved sleep and accelerated muscle recovery.”

It’s understood the 28 year old Bondi man mentioned ice baths at least 8 times during lunch.

“I tried bringing up hot yoga just to try throw him off,” his friend Suse Argyle told DBT. “But unfortunately no joy.”

It’s understood Charlie Franks is now considering starting an ice bath podcast called Chillin’ with Charlie.