Bondi Man Only Visiting Trendy Places In Case He Gets Covid & His Exposure Sites Are Published

As Sydney’s latest Covid outbreak grows, one man is taking extreme measures in case he gets infected and his exposure sites are made public.

Bondi’s Dean Platz is now only going to trendy, upmarket venues and shops.

“I normally get my morning coffee from McDonalds but obviously that is a big risk,” he says. “So I’m now forcing myself to drive to Indigo in Double Bay.”

“It’s a hassle, but it’s totally worth it.”

“Also I’m not going to Coles anymore,” he says. “Instead I’m doing all my grocery shopping at Harris Farm. It just sounds a lot cooler.”

The 32 year old says he felt sorry for the man who recently got Covid after visiting several BBQ retailers in Sydney’s west.

“That must have been super embarrassing for him when all his exposure sites were plastered all over the news,” says Thomas.

“I mean, BBQ’s in Western Sydney! How average!”

To avoid the same fate, Dean Platz says he’s now only willing to enter certain suburbs.

“Vaucluse, Bondi & Double Bay are all ok. But I’m staying well clear of places like Dover Heights & Maroubra. And obviously I’m not stepping outside of the east.”

And tonight he’s taking his wife to the upmarket restaurant ‘Matteo’ for dinner.

“I actually hate Italian food, but I’m just being ultra careful.” he says.