WORTH THE WEIGHT: Body shaming has become all too common in recent years, and body positivity advocates say the horse racing industry is partly to blame.

“Horse owners need to start using jockeys with varying body types,” says Karen Hall. “Most jockeys weigh around 50 kgs. For many, this is an unattainable and unhealthy weight.”

She’s among the hundreds of body positivity advocates using tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup Day to express their concerns about race horse jockeys.

“There’s a huge amount of pressure on jockeys to stay thin. It’s cruel and dangerous,” says Karen Hall. “For too long the racing industry has been promoting poor body image.”

Ms Hall has started a petition urging the industry to change its ways. It’s understood the petition has garnered more than 3500 signatures so far.

“The fashion industry has already begun making important changes in celebrating all body types, we hope the racing industry will follow suit.”

More to come.