Body shaming has become all too common in recent years, and body positivity advocates say the horse racing industry is partly to blame.

“Horse owners need to start using jockeys with varying body types,” says Jean Hall. “Most jockeys weigh around 50 kgs. For many, this is an unattainable and unhealthy weight.”

She’s among the hundreds of body positivity advocates using Melbourne Cup Day to express their concerns about race horse jockeys.

“There’s a huge amount of pressure on jockeys to stay thin. It’s cruel and dangerous,” says Jean Hall. “For too long the racing industry has been promoting poor body image.”

Ms Hall has started a petition urging the industry to change its ways. It’s understood the petition has garnered more than 3500 signatures so far.

“The fashion industry has already begun making important changes in celebrating all body types, we hope the racing industry will follow suit.”

The racing industry is already under fire after the ABC exposed mistreatment of race horses at a Victorian abattoir.

More to come.


  1. Yes, lets do that and dont forget to also ask for fatter horses to run as they do have a weight limit as it is that they can hold on their backs. Wonder what will be next!!!

  2. As a thoroughbred horse breeder and an obese person, my reaction to this article, Ms. Hall and her petition is one of trepidation. Clearly Ms. Hall would be better served by finding out the facts. I would never let a plus sized person ride one of my $100,000 racehorses. One reason is a question of aerodynamics, another is racehorse health and safety, yet another is complying with the race tracks stated rules about how much weight a horse can carry in a race. The race track rules are in place to attempt to unify the horses abilities, safety of the athletes (both human and equine), leveling the playing field for the bettors, and conserving the surfaces of the track. Having said that, I agree that jockeys are often put under stress to meet weight requirements, wrong or right, but they are adults and know what the requirements are for the job. Does Ms. Hall and her petitioners feel they have the right to dictate to a jockey that he can’t perform his job because she/they think it’s body shaming? Jockeys, the track, owners and breeders all have the horse’s best interest at heart. It is unreasonable to expect a thoroughbred to carry a 200 pound load one mile at up to 35 miles per hour. It’s not body shaming…it’s physics.

  3. The world is turning to a new degree of idiocracy! On one hand, the racing industry is under fire from anti racing radicals for cruelty, on the other hand we have these ridiculous comments wanting plus sized jockeys??? Are they for real? Ever try running as fast as you can with a heavy backpack as opposed to a light one??? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what might be a lot easier for the horse. I did not excel at science, nor do I have the dexterity in my hands to be a neurosurgeon, but should I kick up a fuss because no one will give me a position in medical school, or a chance to operate on their loved ones brains? What if I WANT to become a neurosurgeon? Come on people, I seriously cannot even believe this ridiculous piece of “news” was put out for others to consider. Also, perhaps its best to check your facts. The ABC reported abattoir wasn’t in Victoria. What a joke. If you are too heavy to be a jockey, or don’t have the desire to do what it takes to keep fitness up and your weight down, guess what? Pick another profession!!!

  4. What ????? Totally irresponsible and irrelevant reporting from Double Bay Today 👎
    Why give totally self-absorbed narcissistic oxygen thieves publicity ????
    Most jockeys are 55 kg because they are small framed and light boned. It’s genetic 😊
    Dumb and dumber


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