ONE-UPMANSHIP: A local man has asked his friend a question as a thinly veiled excuse to start talking about himself.

“Are you going away this winter?” Ned Garcia asked his friend Mark Lee.

“I might just go to the Blue Mountains for a weekend away. How bout you?” replied Mark Lee.

Ned Garcia then started unveiling his own 4 week Euro trip itinerary.

“Yeah cool, I’m actually off to the Amalfi Coast next week,” he said. “I’ve got 10 days there. Then I’m going to Rome, Paris and finishing off in Ibiza.”

Other friends say Ned Garcia has employed the same strategy on them.

“He asked me if I was going away,” another man told DBT.

“I said no, but I told him I have a big trip planned for the end of the year.”

“Now I’m under enormous pressure to go away then.”