‘Are we still on for tonight?’ texts man desperately hoping to cancel

CANCEL CULTURE: A local man resorted to deceptive and manipulative text message tactics yesterday, in a desperate bid to cancel an arrangement with a friend.

“I was tired and hungover from the night before and really just wanted to stay home last night after work,” says Tim Reynolds.

“The only problem is that I canceled our plans last time, so this time I wanted him to cancel.”

Feigning enthusiasm, Reynolds opened the text exchange by sending ‘Are we still on for tonight?’

“After five minutes he hadn’t replied,” says Reynolds. “So I followed up with ‘No stress if you can’t make it.’

Another ten minutes passed without any reply, so the 31 year old sent a third text message:

‘We can have our drink for another night if you prefer?’

But then, more than 45 minutes later, Reynolds’ friend finally replied, and the news was not good.

‘No mate, I’m absolutely up for tonight. Looking forward to it.”

“It was the worst night ever,” Reynolds told DBT this morning.

“I sat at The Sheaf pretending to enjoy myself, but secretly counting down the seconds till I could finally go home and punch a bong.”