A dramatic stand off has emerged between a doctor in intensive care and an anti-masker who has now contracted a serious case of Covid-19.

Even with extreme difficulty breathing, Phil Wright is refusing to wear a ventilator face mask.

“The 1948 charter of human rights says I don’t have to put on your stupid ventilator mask,” he says. “You’re trying to discriminate against me. You’re trying to control me.”

The Mullumbimby man – who is also a prolific anti-vaxxer – says he is convinced he is perfectly healthy and that Covid-19 is a scam.

“It’s a SCAMdemic designed to instil fear and sell face masks and ventilator masks,” he told DBT.

Doctors say Phil Wright’s respiratory issues are now causing a serious lack of oxygen to his brain, and he’s being urged to start using the ventilator immediately.

“I’m not going to surrender my freedoms,” he says. “I will not be silenced.”