The familiar voice of radio shock jock Alan Jones wasn’t heard on air this morning. Instead it could be heard by callers to the 2GB front desk.

“We have decided to take Alan off air,” says Keith Arden, the CEO of Macquarie Media, which owns 2GB. “He needs time to reflect on his actions.”

It follows several big name advertisers withdrawing from Jones’ show after his “misogynistic rant” against New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern.

The talkback host called Ms Ardern a “complete clown” and a “lightweight,” leading several companies — including Anytime Fitness, Snooze, Koala and ME Bank — to pull their ads.

Despite the controversy, Alan Jones remains upbeat, telling DBT he actually quite enjoyed his new role on the reception desk.

“It was quite fun actually,” he says. “I can still speak my mind, and act superior to everyone else, but it just doesn’t go to air.”

2GB management say they’re uncertain if, or when, Alan Jones will return to his hosting role.