Abbie Chatfield Trying To Get Caught Drink Driving After Seeing How Much Media Attention It Got Kate Richie

DRUNK ON FAME: Sydney influencer and radio host Abbie Chatfield has come clean on her latest ploy for media attention.

“So far today I’ve had five Margarita cocktails, two of which I’ve drunk while driving around Kings Cross,” she told DBT in an exclusive interview.

She’s attempting to emulate the saturation media coverage gained by her radio rival Kate Richie, who was arrested for low-range drink driving this week.

“There’s heaps of cops around here at the moment, which is great,” she says. “Hopefully I’ll get pulled over for a breath test soon.”

The 27 year old says she’ll continue driving around under the influence until she gets caught.

“It’s only a $600 fine and a three month license suspension! That’s so worth it when it could be the lead story on and Nine News.”

“C’mon cops.. do your bloody job and arrest me.”

This is a developing story. DBT will keep you updated.