TOKEN GESTURE: PM Releases ‘Gender Swap’ Photo In Last-Ditch Bid To Appeal To Trans Voters

SEX APPEAL: One week from the federal election, the Prime Minister is attempting to reach out to transgender and non-binary voters.

Scott Morrison released a Snapchat ‘Gender Swap’ photo on his Twitter account this afternoon, showing himself as both a male and female.

“Hopefully this goes some way to express my support toward transgender and non-binary Australians,” he says. “I’m as proud a male, as I am a female.”

But advocates for transgender equality have been accusing the PM of spreading “alarmist views” and “misinformation” following comments he made about gender-affirming surgery.

“Let me be clear,” says Scott Morrison. “The coalition will commit to funding gender ideology programs in schools. Gender can be fluid, as shown by my Snapchat photo.”

Transgender support groups say it’s too little, too late.

“One Snapchat filter and he thinks he’s Kris Jenner,” says trans advocate Bart Marx. “Sco Mo wouldn’t even wear unisex sunglasses to a fancy dress party.”