WIRED AWAKE: A Sydney woman on a drug bender has told her friends she refuses to drink coffee after midday.

“Caffeine is toxic,” says Deana Linton. “I’ve learnt the hard way (laughs).”

Linton says she struggles to get to sleep at night if she’s consumed coffee up to 10 hours before bedtime.

“It’s hard because I quite like coffee,” she told friends while munted dancing on a rooftop at 7.30am today. “I just have to be disciplined about it.”

The 29 year old regularly writes about the effects of caffeine on sleeping in her wellness blog.

But her advice seems completely at odds with the fact that she’s had 5 pingers and endless drinks since 11pm last night.

“What would happen if you had a coffee now?” joked one of her mates in the early hours of this morning.

At time of publishing at 2pm on Saturday, DBT understands Deana Linton is currently still wide awake.

“I want to get some rest so I can go out again tonight,” she says. “I should be able to get to sleep soon, I just need to stay away from coffee.”