Friends Strike Agreement To Always Like Each Other’s Instagram Posts, Even If They’re Lame

QUID PRO QUO: After weeks of negotiation, Julie Duleil and Simone Dias have come to an in principle agreement to always like each other’s instagram posts.

“It’s nice to know I can post absolute garbage and still get some level of support,” says Julia (left).

After going through a recent relationship breakdown Julia has been regularly posting inspirational quotes and photos of her coffee.”

“At least I know, I’ll always get at least 1 like,” she says. “It takes the risk out a little bit.”

And, as a career woman, Simone Dias is known for her ‘humble brag’ posts about how well she’s seemingly going at work.

“Having at least one like gives my career claims a little more credibility,” she told DBT.

The pair say their agreement is not legally binding in any way, but is based on trust.

“We’ve known each other for so long,” says Simone. “We’ve got each other’s back on Instagram no matter what. We need each other.”