Local ‘Fitness Coach’ Completes Seamless Transition Into ‘Life Coach’

Jack Bedoya has made the next brave step in his career, announcing today he’s completed the transition from ‘fitness coach’ to ‘life coach.’

“To be honest, I was helping so many of my fitness clients with various facets of their life, so life coaching seems like an obvious next step,” says Bedoya.

To help mark the seamless transition, he’s updated his Instagram bio quote to say; ‘You can’t be happy unless you’re healthy.’

But critics say the 23 year old has begun offering life advice to people, whether they asked for it or not.

“I don’t think anyone’s actually paid for his life coaching services yet,” says a former client. “Instead he’s just thrusting his ideas onto anyone who’ll listen.”

He’s also begun posting regular selfie videos talking generically about free thinking, setting goals and embracing change.

“I’m also getting some new business cards, so it’s definitely all happening,” he says. “I’m also thinking about maybe becoming a motivational speaker down the track.”

More to come.