PRICE HIKE: A Rose Bay woman is accusing her adult son of being ‘lazy’ and ‘unsuccessful,’ because he can’t afford to buy a home in Sydney’s east yet.

“My husband and I had no trouble affording property when we were young,” says Shelley Ridge. “We pulled our finger out and we worked hard.”

But Ms Ridge appears completely oblivious to the 1400% increase in Sydney house prices since she and her husband purchased way back in 1981.

“Mum and dad have NFI unfortunately,” says Ms Ridge’s son Cameron. “Back in her day any muppet could afford Sydney property.”

Cameron Ridge says his parents have had it very easy, riding Sydney’s property boom and then inheriting their parent’s assets.

“And yet they still can’t afford to help me buy a home,” he says. “All they gave me was $500 and a condescending lecture about spending it wisely.”

Cameron Ridge says it leaves him with little choice but to purchase property outside of metro Sydney.

“I told mum last night that I’m thinking of moving to the Shire or somewhere like that and she had a complete meltdown,” he says. “She thinks I’m abandoning her.”